By Upsocl
febrero 18, 2021

Even the toilets are frozen.

Winter storms have hit Texas and residents of Houston, Dallas and other cities in the Lone Star State are facing a spell of very cold weather. It’s so cold that pipes and even swimming pools have frozen.

And even though the images might look like they were taken straight from the film Frozen, we assure you they’re real.

What’s more, lots of people in Texas experiencing the dramatic weather have shared the most shocking pictures of their homes on Twitter, where they’ve taken the world by surprise.

Everything’s covered in ice!

Did you ever imagine that it could get so cold that even the toilet would freeze? Probably not, but that’s what’s happening.

Texas hasn’t seen weather this cold in decades and neither the people nor the infrastructure were prepared for these snowstorms. At least you can appreciate these 30 jaw-dropping photos shared on social media:

1. This corridor looks like an ice rink

Twitter: @ThomasBlackGG

2. People are using grits to try and stop their frozen stairs from being so slippery.

Twitter @stimptown

3. On the pool

Twitter: @Simyeoniru

 4. There are even indoor waterfalls where pipes have burst

5. The cactuses are frozen

Twitter: @jodotcom

6. The same goes for the water fountains

7. And people can stand on their frozen pools

8. The kids clearly can’t play at this park.

Twitter @pasturesociety

9. Even the olive oil is freezing

10. The hot tubs too:

11. Snow has covered the highways

12. And the faucets are freezing

13. The same thing is happening to the water in fish tanks

Tiktok @ray.k13

14. And thanks to the cold, laptops are splitting open

15. The car washes look like ice sculptures


16. People are even camping inside their houses to escape the cold

17. The videos are unbelievable

18. People are filling bathtubs with snow so they have enough water

19. Pipes are bursting

20. The beaches are covered in snow

21. And people who tried to store water in their bathtubs now have ice

22. This isn’t OK!

Twitter @valsatuo

23. Swimming pools are now ice rinks

24. Even pets’ water bowls are frozen over

25. People are helping each other out on the icy roads

26. Ceiling fans are dripping with icicles

37. Highways are undriveable

28. And people are doing what they can to get by in the cold

29. Even peoples’ toilets are freezing:

30. They even have icicles