By Upsocl
marzo 23, 2020

Now that the human threat is kept at home by the coronavirus, the city streets will be theirs, and we hope they find the food they are looking for. What divine justice!

There is a positive side to this whole problem called coronavirus: since people are being kept at home to avoid infection, the streets of cities and towns have been free of people for the first time in several years. This scenario benefits animals, since they can now go out and explore different areas without the fear that some two-legged threat will show up.

If we speak poetically, we could say that the animals are taking back the land that we human predators took from them to build our empire. Justice is always made: now, there will be no one to scare the animals away. They’ll have a free pass to roam around wherever they like.

Countries like Japan, Thailand, Spain and Italy have seen wild animals circulate through their streets and cross their waters. However, now, we will focus on the land animals that have completely replaced the cars, which currently remain parked indefinitely.

Up next, we leave you this parallel universe where animals become humans, and humans become pets. Divine justice is made!

1. Wild boars in Italy and Spain


Several users from two of the countries that have been most affected by the virus have published photos and videos of a few wild boars prowling the streets. These animals generally live in forested areas on the outskirts of cities.

2. Hungry monkeys in Thailand


Now that tourism has declined, the monkeys in Thailand have fewer people to feed them. So, many of them have congregated in the city of Lopburi to fight over the little food they can find.

3. Deer in Japan


The town of Nara is characterized for being the home of these beautiful deer, which are generally fed cookies in the parks by tourists. However, the decline in tourism caused deer to take to the streets in search of their own food, causing this spectacular scene.

4. Horses in Italy


An Italian Reddit user posted a photo of a horse prowling the streets of his quarantined town. Needless to say, no one knows who it belongs to, or even if it belongs to someone.

5. Sheep without a shepherd in Italy


Just as there are horses, there are also sheep, and in the absence of someone to guide them to food, they decide to go out alone. In any case, I doubt they found anything on the pavement…