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marzo 20, 2020

As soon as she was born, Xiao Xiao was immediately taken to Wuhan Children’s Hospital. Doctors fear that she was infected during her mother’s pregnancy, which could open new possibilities for the virus to spread.

The coronavirus has the entire world on alert. Its capacity for propagation has become a great fear because of how easily it can spread. In fact, a new method has been discovered, through pregnancy, which is already under research. However, the protagonist of this story brings about good news in this sea of pessimism.

With just 17 days of life, little Xiao Xiao managed to defeat the coronavirus naturally. Without medicine or antibiotics for the disease, she expelled it from her small body.

AsiaWire / Wuhan Children’s Hospital

The recovery has been very good news for the entire world.

It’s hypothesized that the baby was infected by her mother through the womb, which undoubtedly opens up new possibilities and fears.

Xiao Xiao was referred to the Wuhan children’s hospital, immediately at birth, upon realizing she was infected.

Hubei New Matters/Weibo

The baby was facing an infection in the respiratory system and slight damage to the myocardium, as confirmed by Dr. Zeng Lingkong, director of the Department of Neonatology at Wuhan Hospital.

Since she didn’t present any other complications, those treating her decided to not administer any medicine for the virus, leaving her to overcome the infection on her own.

«She had no obvious difficulty breathing, she wasn’t coughing, nor did she have a fever, so we only treated her for her myocardial condition.»

Dr. Zeng commented to the state CCTV channel..

With just 17 days of life, this girl became the youngest patient to recover in China, according to state media, through Daily Mail.

AsiaWire / Wuhan Children’s Hospital

This Friday, after performing three tests that were negative, the newborn returned home. In fact, as the same doctor treating her confirmed, the baby grew bigger and fatter.

However, despite Xiao’s great news, doctors and researchers remain alert for this new possible route of infection.

«This reminds us to pay attention to a potential new transmission route of the coronavirus – vertical transmission from mothers to babies.»

Dr. Zeng explained to the state channel.


So far, from the new coronavirus, more than 2,500 people have died in China alone, with some 700,000 infected, but also with a high percentage of people who have recovered.

For example, the oldest patient is 90 years old and managed to defeat the virus after 3 days in intensive care, according to Daily Mail.

If little Xiao Xiao and a 90-year-old woman could beat it, we can all.