By Upsocl
abril 8, 2021

This all happened in Mendoza, Argentina, where an 11-year-old boy entered the place just to ask for a pencil so he could attend school. However, he’d end up getting a pleasant surprise. Everything was recorded on security cameras, and the incident quickly went viral on social networks.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or have seen a considerable drop in their income. That is why many have had to resort to different sources of aid, including children, like a little boy in Argentina. Classes had started again, and he needed a pencil, so he decided to enter a bookstore and ask for one. What he didn’t expect was that he’d receive a bag full of school supplies.

Last Thursday, March 25, an 11-year-old boy entered a bookstore in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, with a clear objective in mind: to ask for a pencil with which he could study at school.

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Everything was recorded on the security cameras of the place. The boy didn’t want anything else, he just needed a pencil to write down what he’d be taught at school. He didn’t want money. He didn’t want food. He just wanted a pencil.

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The child’s presence and request caught the attention of the person who was working at the bookstore and, to the surprise of the little boy, who is in sixth grade, he gave him all the supplies he needed: a notebook, pencils, scissors, an eraser, and even a pencil case, among other things.

The little boy, surprised by everything he was receiving as gifts, said “thank you, sir!” and left the place. However, an act as good as the one that had just happened couldn’t go unnoticed. It was all witnessed by Pablo Peñaloza, a customer who was also in the bookstore at the time. He described the situation on Facebook as “one that transcends. I happened to witness an event this morning that encourages us all to keep moving in the right direction.”

“He let in a child who wasn’t asking for money or food, he came in to ask for supplies to go to school (literally, the boy’s words), to which the store owner came out from behind the shelves and filled a bag with utensils while asking ‘what else do you need?’ I had to express my admiration,” Peñaloza told TVA Argentina.

Finally, in a conversation with media outlet Sitio Andino, the store owner said that it was his son who’d had the idea of helping the little boy out. “When I went to take a nap, I shut off all my social media. When I woke up and enabled them, I couldn’t believe the effects this had had. I didn’t even know anyone had seen it”, he confessed.