By Upsocl
abril 13, 2020

She was a stray kitten, but she was very cute and loyal. He fed her every day until she died. He’ll never forget her. ❤️

Our eternal love for pets has to do with their innocence. They’re special beings, who know no evil. As much as they suffer and are mistreated, they’re never resentful. They act on instinct and when they behave aggressively, it’s usually because they’ve been through terrible situations. It doesn’t matter if they’re stray animals, they’re capable of giving us the same affection.

This butcher from Turkey fed a cute and loyal stray kitten every day.

She lived and wandered around the town, charming all the neighbors and especially the protagonist of this story. She was his best client, until he lost her. She passed away, but he was so fond of her that he buried her in a small grave in his garden and made a cardboard replica of her so that she’d always be present in his shop.

He’ll never forget her.

Facebook Ricardo Arquette

We all know someone who goes out of their way for a little animal, sometimes being that person ourselves. Sure, they say stray animals are more likely to cuddle and be more loyal, but the truth is that they’re all wonderful.

This beautiful and emotional story came to light through Facebook, a social network, after a user posted photographs accompanied by a short text.

«This butcher fed this stray kitten every day. The kitten died and he replicated her in her same pose and also made her a small grave,» wrote the user in the Facebook group «Gatolicismo».

Facebook Ricardo Arquette

Almost 20,000 people interacted with the post, touched by the beautiful story, some praying that kittens would live forever. Apparently, this cute cat and her best friend became famous some time ago for the beautiful routine they performed together.

Unfortunately, she left this world, so the man decided to honor her with an exact cardboard replica of her. He’ll never forget her, and she’d be happy to know how remembered she’ll be.

Facebook Ricardo Arquette

«Jade, the cat known throughout the world, rests in peace here,» wrote the man in the small grave he built for her.

As a Facebook user said, we wish kittens and all pets could live forever. The world needs more of their innocence and love.