By Upsocl
mayo 2, 2020

This sweet mother surprised the hospital staff and thousands of people on the internet by entering the premise with her kitten in her mouth. They needed help and she wouldn’t take «no» for an answer.

A mother’s love is a very powerful force.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a woman who has to sacrifice herself day and night for her children or an animal mother who must defend her young against fierce giants and predators, this invisible force is always present in them and makes moms capable of performing amazing feats.


This cat proved just how true this is. She became a celebrity after being photographed entering a hospital with her kitten hanging from her mouth to ask for help.

This feline lives on the streets with her litter of kittens. With no one to help her care for her young, the mother had to figure out how to seek medical attention when one of her offspring began to have health problems.

Far from abandoning the sickling or letting him die in her presence, this mother decided to behave like a human being and take her son to the nearest hospital.


The animal entered through the main door of the clinic. She managed to reach a waiting room where she waited patiently for her turn to be attended.

Upon noticing her, health professionals rushed to help her, surprised by her wit and demeanor.

The humans took the little sick kitten away and got him the help he needed. His mother, meanwhile, waited patiently sitting in the waiting room, like a human mother worried about her little one.


The sweet and impressive scene was documented by a Facebook user, who photographed the animal arriving at the place with her young and waited to be attended by the doctors.

The post, as expected, immediately went viral. Over 20,000 people celebrated the ingenuity and determination of this furry mother, who made the best possible decision for her son’s health, just as any prudent human mother would.


A mother’s love is a power that makes them do spectacular things. There are cases where women show animal instinct and acquire superhuman force from within to defend their children.

Other mothers, like this cat, displayed an almost human intellect by taking their kitten to the hospital for help, all thanks to the love and concern she feels for her little ones.