By Upsocl
noviembre 19, 2021

The image was shared on Facebook and has generated many comments and reflections from users.

Someone’s economic situation is something that shouldn’t mean much beyond a way to obtain one’s needs. Many people live in poverty and don’t have access to the luxuries and forms of entertainment that other families do.

Acts and gestures that demonstrate this inequality are seen every day, but it’s sadder when it affects children, who are more vulnerable and, as such, should have the right to live a happy childhood without major afflictions.

Facebook user Angel Fonseca shared a photo that portrays a stark reality. It’s not that material things are more important than other things, but there are many children who would give anything to have toys, electronic devices, exciting adventures, among other items. The image of a child watching TV inside a store has moved many, giving them a topic of conversation.

Crédito: Angel Fonseca

“Not everyone was born with the same opportunities. Count your blessings,” was the text that accompanied this photo, and it’s spot on. The child hasn’t been identified, but the photo was taken in the municipality of Las Choapas (Mexico), where the boy is seen standing behind a wall, hiding as if he didn’t want to get caught.

A closer look reveals that he is looking at the television, which is broadcasting some cartoons that have captured the boy’s attention.

From this, it can be deduced that he doesn’t have one of these devices at home. Nowadays, a television is a very common element in the household, but unfortunately, there are people who still don’t have access to one, like this little one.

Crédito: Angel Fonseca

Despite how sad this scenario feels, many remembered their childhood with this image and showed interest in helping him out. “I was one of those children who went to watch TV somewhere else because we didn’t have one at home. But God is great. He never abandons us, and if someone can give more information about the boy, I’d like to buy something for him. He deserves it. He’s a king”, commented a user in the post.

Meanwhile, others took from the publication the message of appreciating everyday things, especially the little details. “I think what he is trying to say is to be grateful for what we have, since there are others who aren’t as lucky, and to try to help people with whatever we have,” said another netizen on Facebook.

Crédito: Angel Fonseca

 Just as many have said that they saw their childhood reflected in the photo. It’s very likely that this little boy won’t give up on life and will improve his situation in the future.