By Upsocl
febrero 3, 2020

Cats are usually the ones with the irresistible eyes, but Winnie proved that dogs are better, even in that regard.

If there’s an argument that will never be resolved, no matter how much time goes by, is whether dogs or cats are better. Both have very loyal fans, as well as examples of pets that have us believing one day that cats are better but the next that canines have to be the winners. Everyone has their own arguments for their side: dogs are more loyal, but cats are more interesting, or that dogs are always there for you, but cats know when to be there for you when you really need them.

When it comes to their physical characteristics, one species always has one feature that the other cannot compete with. No matter the breed of dog, the point for mustaches will always go to cats. On the other hand, when we talk about paws, those belonging to dogs are much cuter. Another winning point for cats, but not by much, is eye beauty. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the expression «cat eyes» to be used to refer to a person with particularly beautiful eyes.


As much as the discussion for most beautiful eyes declares cats the winners, there is a canine specimen that is making us doubt this. Her name is Winnie, she is a cocker spaniel puppy and owns eyes that any Disney princess would kill to have.


Winnie has particularly large eyes, earning her a huge following on her social networks. She’s constantly compared with Disney princesses. However the cat community is enraged at this irrefutable evidence that a dog, and not one of them, is taking home the prize for the most beautiful eyes of all.


The only thing we ask ourselves is what is must be like to live with Winnie and her cute little eyes. If already having to deal with the normal gaze of a dog is hard, saying no to those huge green eyes must be physically impossible. We can’t imagine how many plates of food her owners must not be able to finish because of her…