By Upsocl
abril 7, 2020

The judge had the girl show her stuffed puppy. They ran together and finally hugged each other. The little girl’s happiness was evident.

In a world as hostile as the one we live in today, scenes of humanity and love between people end up being an energy catalyst. It truly makes us regain faith that the planet can be a better place.

When these beautiful gestures are intended to improve the lives of people who are normally excluded or discriminated against, they’re much more impactful. They become an example worth imitating.

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During an American Kennel Club (AKC) dog competition, an adorable scene occurred: one of the show’s judges had a girl with autism show her stuffed dog, as if it were of flesh and blood. He did this to make her feel included.

Reddit CantStopPoppin

In the cute video, shared on Reddit, the judge is seen inspecting the stuffed dog as if it was really competing. He then instructs the girl to walk the dog through the exhibition area.

It’s truly adorable how her face lights up at the thought of treating her dog like everyone else. This inclusion gesture was simple and obviously brightened her day. And it just took a little bit of time.

Reddit CantStopPoppin

Here’s the video.


They both ran with the dog and, not only did he allow her to have a beautiful experience, they also had a lot of fun together. Finally, the judge, dressed in pink from head to toe, gave the little girl a big hug. She was really excited.

With gestures like this, we realize how easy it is to treat one another with empathy and humanity; something that’s scarce these days. We need more people like the AKC pink-clad judge.

Reddit CantStopPoppin

Who gave them permission to be so cute?