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diciembre 1, 2020

This mother checked her home security cameras and saw the man giving her daughter a dance class while he looked after her.

“You can’t trust anyone nowadays” is a phrase that unfortunately we hear frequently in today’s world. The internet has placed an infinite source of information at our fingertips, which has made us realize how many people with bad intentions there are out there and that they can sometimes even be members of our own families. Thanks to this lack of confidence, people are becoming ever more more cautious and as a result opt to take more and more stringent security measures in their daily lives.

Luckily, Nayara Venturyne is one mother who can feel happy with what she found out. Just like many other anxious mothers she has installed security cameras in her house. As she has a 4-year-old daughter she feels she needs to do everything within her power to keep her little one safe, however this time she had an unexpected surprise.

Tío Bailando – razoesparaacreditar

One day she had to leave urgently for work and so she left her daughter in the care of her friend Jhonny Zurck, who she considers to be the little girl’s uncle. And she had a wonderful surprise when she checked the security cameras afterwards.

When she got home her friend told her to check her security cameras to cheer herself up a bit. Nayara didn’t really understand what was going on. Curious, she went to check the cameras and what she saw would put a huge smile on her face for the rest of the week.

Jhonny and Nicoly were dancing happily together in the dining room. Johnny is a professional dancer so he didn’t hesitate to show his dance moves to the little girl, keeping her happy while her mom was out at work.

The recording was uploaded to social media and it went viral, touching the hearts of thousands of people.

The mother told BHAZ that dancing is one of Nicoly’s great passions but that she is also a very intelligent little girl.

“She’s very intelligent and she loves to play. She loves pretending she’s a doctor as she sees me working in radiology.”.

–Nayara Venturyne told BHAZ

Tío bailando – razoesparaacreditar

Now Nayara can feel happy and calm, safe in the knowledge that she can leave her daughter in excellent hands if anything else comes up at work. Her daughter will be over the moon as well.