By Upsocl
abril 3, 2020

She was captured by a photographer in Paraguay, who followed up and checked up on her until her two babies were born. It was, without a doubt, the best “house” in the neighborhood.

Nature and fauna never cease to amaze us. Their wisdom is amazing and reminds us from time to time that, at the end of the day, we ourselves were created by its hand. Another demonstration of how magnificent nature is what happened in this story, a cute and tender picture of a hummingbird’s home.

The photographer and nature guide, Bianca Caroline Soares, captured a beautiful moment in the Paraguayan forests. This pregnant hummingbird built a very special nest. So far, everything seemed to be ordinary, but what stunned Bianca was the “roof” that the future mother placed on top of her home. To better care for her future chicks, she used a leaf as a roof. She’s a very smart mom.

On her Instagram account, Bianca published the cute image that went viral. Although animal homes usually evoke tenderness, this reached a whole new level. No one would think that a nest with a roof would be built.

The photographer usually sees many nests, animals and their homes, but this one caught her so much attention that she wrote:

«To date, my favorite photograph. Too much cuteness in one photo!»

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“I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious one.”

Explained Soares to The Dodo.

 The shade the nest had, thanks to its roof, made that home the best in the neighborhood. It was great place for the hummingbird to give birth to her chicks and start a nice family.

Soarez followed up on this hard-working and intelligent mother and, as the days went by, she noticed her little ones had been born.

Bianca Caroline Soares

Two chicks came into this world and they couldn’t have arrived at a better place, because apart from having an excellent mother, they’ll also had a beautiful home.

On hot days, they’ll happily enjoyed their nice roof.

Bianca Caroline Soares

Time passed and her chicks left the nest, confident and intelligent, hopeful and full of their mother’s love.

Considering their mother’s dedication to them, they’ll surely become excellent hummingbirds.

They’ll always remember their home!