By Upsocl
enero 10, 2022

The managers told her that she should keep 20% and split the rest with the workers, something they had never asked her to do before. So, she resorted to asking those who gave her the money, and they claimed that the money belonged to her.

Waiting tables is a difficult job as besides rushing around carrying food all day with little time to sit down and rest, you also have to deal with people. Sometimes clients tend to be a bit annoying, but the best part of the day happens when interacting with the nice ones, the ones that leave a generous tip that complements the low salary they usually pay in these jobs.

 At a restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas, a waitress waited on a group of workers who decided to tip her $4,400 for her good service.


The customer had called earlier to find out that his waiters didn’t share a tip, the idea was to make a person’s night and make them feel special. Ryan Brandt, the waitress, received the check in tears thinking about all the things she could do with the money. She had to split it with another coworker, but $2,200 was still a lot of money.

The problem happened when the manager on duty told her that she would only keep 20% and would have to split the rest with all the workers.


This disappointed her, as she wanted the money to pay off her student loans, plus they had never done that to her in the three years she had been working there.

“I was told that I was going to give my cash over to my shift manager, and I would be taking home 20%. It was devastating, I borrowed a significant amount for student loans. Most of them were pushed back because of the pandemic, but they will be turned back on in January and that’s a harsh reality

–Ryan Brandt, fired waitress, told Fox 59


However, the business owner who organized giving her the tip discovered what had happened: she had been fired for violating restaurant rules,” something that didn’t make sense, as she was described as a very sweet woman. So, he went back to the restaurant to ask for the money he had given in addition to his bill.


“I don’t fully understand why this would happen to what seems like such a sweet and kind-hearted woman. Nonetheless, I’m committed to showing her that there are great people in the world that will do good when they can,” Grant Wise wrote on Facebook. So, he got to work and opened a GoFundMe so the waitress can have a peaceful Christmas while she finds another job.

He didn’t think it was fair that they took so much money from her to split it. It wasn’t right, and worst of all, they also took away her livelihood, her beloved job.