By Upsocl
mayo 15, 2020

There’s just one optimistic one.

We all grew up watching Disney movies. They have characters that are part of our collective unconscious and that everyone, absolutely EVERYONE, knows. There are artists who are dedicated to designing mugs inspired by famous people and there are others who imagine what they would look like in a few more years.

Illustrator Tom Ward imagined what it would be like if various Disney characters existed in the real world today.

The result is quite gloomy and discouraging in most cases.

Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes, giving me an opportunity to communicate some issues that I strongly feel about. For example, circus animals, pollution, and the ivory trade, using friendly and familiar visuals with a darker tone.”

-Tom Ward at Mashable.

The work he did with these characters will honestly disappoint you about the society we live in today.

1. A good use for the nose

2. How many people have gone through this?


3. Animal abuse in circuses are a serious thing

4. It’s so offensive that this continues to be the truth for some women


5. And we begin to forget about the things that really matter


6. Enough with all the diets


7. This character is the only optimistic one


8. Animal traffic is also a terrible reality


9. It’s ridiculous that we can’t treat them respect


10. And we continue to pollute without realizing the consequences


11. Technology sometimes ruins things that could’ve been amazing


12. We applaud those people who try to stop the abuse


Do you think the illustrator is right?