By Upsocl
abril 22, 2020

And Mulan can’t wait one more second to meet her baby.

Many artists and illustrators have recreated Disney princesses in different ways: without makeup, more modern, like Marvel characters, etc. However, the recreation made by a Russian artist, known as Oksana Paschenko, is undoubtedly the one that has touched us the most.

She turned them into pregnant women!

Imagine your favorite princesses starting their own families, happy and very much in love:

1. Aurora

Instagram @goldoxi21

 Aurora definitely looks radiant.

2. Cinderella and Prince Charming

Instagram @goldoxi21

Cinderella looks very excited about her pregnancy.

3. Pocahontas and John Smith

Instagram @goldoxi21

Look at that huge belly! What a romantic photo.

4. Belle

Instagram @goldoxi21

Belle looks beautiful.

5. Jasmine

Instagram @goldoxi21

Jasmine and Aladdin are full of energy in this new stage.

6. Mulan and Li Shang

Instagram @goldoxi21

Mulan couldn’t be any more excited.

7. Tiana

Instagram @goldoxi21

«Pregnant Tiana and Prince Naveen. In the background you can see the Cathedral of St. Louis (Saint Louis Cathedral) – the main attraction of New Orleans,» wrote the artist.

8. Ariel

Instagram @goldoxi21

Eric is totally considerate with Ariel during her pregnancy.