By Upsocl
octubre 2, 2020

“My mother had a little room built in front of the house and I called my relatives to shave their beards,” Thayssa confessed. That’s how it all started.

When you have a clear goal, no obstacle can stand in your way. This young 17-year-old has proven that with hard work and perseverance, dreams can come true since she’s been able to open her own beauty salon.

Thayssa Caramez started at the bottom with just a few resources. A resident of Praia Grande, São Paulo, Brazil, she began cutting hair when she was only 15, learning through YouTube tutorials and attending clients in her humble home. However, two years later, she’s already a hairdresser, manicurist and pedicurist, nail extensionist and eyebrow designer.

Thayssa Caramez

“I started at home. My mother had a little room built in front of the house and I called my relatives to see if they would let me shave them,” Thay said in a conversation with SóNotíciaBoa.

Thayssa Caramez

She began “with the help of videos on YouTube and an old machine” that didn’t have a complete set of clippers. Then, a year later, she took a hairdressing course, but still didn’t have the required resources.

“We bought only what we needed at the time and I kept on going with the same machine. Then, I left my mother’s living room and we set up a plastic table with a mirror and a few things I’d bought,” she said. However, she was able to get help from acquaintances and family members.

Thayssa Caramez

“Most of the things were donations. People donated materials such as scissors, sheaths, blades and Renato Luna, from Curitiba, sent me a new machine equipped with all the clippers. It was the first professional machine I ever owned. Thanks to him, I managed to improve the quality of my cutting services,” she recalled.

When she started, she charged a modest price of 2 Brazilian reals ($0.35) since she didn’t have a degree in hairdressing yet. However, with a good campaign on social media and a lot of hard work, she’s managed to open her own beauty salon.

Thayssa Caramez

“They covered all the construction and renovation of the place where I offered my services in my mother’s salon. I went up to 15 reals ($2.60) for a simple cut and then 20 reals ($3.50) for a special cut,” she said.

Thayssa Caramez

For her, it’s just the beginning, because she hopes to continue growing her business. Since she’s made so much progress in just this short amount of time, she aspires to follow an even more successful path.

“Yes, I’m (happy), I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received,” she said.