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abril 16, 2020

There are already 40 people installed in these homes. They have laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, a computer lab, among other facilities.

More than six thousand people don’t have a home in San José, California in the United States. Given this big problem, the local government launched an innovative initiative; a means to get them off the streets.

The Mabury Bridge Housing Project was launched a week ago – after years of work – and serves as a place for San José’s homeless population to receive support while seeking permanent housing.

Dai Sugano

Bike racks hang by the doors and flowers line the compound’s hallways at 1408 Maybury Rd. in the northeast corner of town. The atmosphere is designed to make you feel right at home.

Both Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Sam Liccardo were present to tour the units that took years and thousands of volunteering hours to build. Residents have already moved to the site.

Dai Sugano

Shared community amenities include laundry and kitchen facilities, restrooms, a computer lab, multiple conference rooms, a dog park, and a lounging area.

Newson stated that addressing homelessness is a priority and that this project is just the beginning. «The work that was done here can be replicated quickly in half the time elsewhere, so I’m very excited to see where we’ll be in two to three years,» he said, according to Fox KTVU

Dai Sugano

There is one aspect of these houses that should be made clear: they’re intended for temporary use. Residents can stay for only about 60 days or until they can enter permanent housing.

“This is intended to have individuals become acclimated to being part of a community, to learning how to take care of their units, building independent living skills,” said Beatriz Ramos of HomeFirst, a San Jose nonprofit organization that is helps find housing for homeless people.

Dai Sugano
Dai Sugano

«We need to house them safely and this is the kind of place they can stay in until that department opens,» added Mayor Liccardo.

Dai Sugano

So far nine people have moved in. The hope is to fill 40 spots over the next weeks. A second site is already in process.