By Upsocl
noviembre 27, 2020

“A woman must age graciously, and not try to be an age she’s not or she will look ridiculous” the Venezuelan designer commented in 2018, while sharing her tips on how to stay stylish with age.

Nowadays aging is no longer a barrier to somebody dressing how they want to or making the most of their looks.


Grey or ashy hair is more popular by the day and both men and women choose to flaunt it with pride. There’s a general acceptance of a grounded and conscientious approach to aging.

And while Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera– one of the legends of the fashion industry thanks to her eponymous brand- comments that “nothing ages a woman more than pretending she is still young”,  she also says that women over 40 should change their image in order to “age gracefully”.

W Magazine

In an interview she gave to the Daily Mail almost two years ago, the 81 year old stated that women should change their wardrobe and overall image in order to feel comfortable with their bodies as the years go by. However, she did set some pretty clear “rules” which probably generated their fair share of controversy.

‘A woman must age graciously, and not try to be an age she’s not or she will look ridiculous. I see many women in the street and, from the back, they look very nice with their long hair and their little skirts. But when they turn around — aargh, they’re ancient!’

—Carolina Herrera told the Daily Mail


The business woman also stated that cultivating a personal style is crucial past a certain age, as is moving away from trends and “in fashion” items, to avoid the “uniform-like” way in which modern women dress.

“[Modern trends] make it look like you’re wearing a uniform. Some item of clothing comes out — and suddenly everyone looks the same (…) With fashion, you have to have individuality and look different from the crowd. I’ve never wanted to look like everyone else. I’ve always wanted to look like me.”

—Carolina Herrera to the Daily Mail

Finally the Venezuelan woman revealed some of her secrets to how she looks so young at her age. Besides the personal style she previously mentioned, she indicated that the key is having a full-length mirror and that investing in a classic white blouse, which is a versatile and timeless piece, is also very important.


She also said that older women shouldn’t wear mini skirts, bikinis or jeans as they are no longer “the right age” for them. She also commented that she prefers short hair on older women, indicating that she doesn’t “think long hair down to here [she mimes past her shoulders] looks right.”

Herrera finished by mentioning the importance of sleeves as well as the boring habit of wearing black clothing during the day, among other things.


What do you, our beloved readers, think? Are Carolina Herrera’s statements valid? We look forward to your comments.