By Upsocl
agosto 31, 2020

The actor is celebrated everywhere as a superhero on and off screen. With gestures such as making sure his wife inherited everything that was his, we can understand why.

Considering that COVID has us all living very similar lives, we can imagine that we were all in practically the same situation the moment we learned that Chadwick Boseman had died. We were sitting at home, watching the hours go by, when we saw on social media, or someone messaged us, that the tragedy had just happened.


Wakanda was left without a king and we couldn’t understand how we were facing such a situation.



Considering that we’d seen him starring in fast-paced action scenes, as well as appearing completely in shape for his most famous character (that said, what’s your excuse for not doing a couple of sit-ups?), the news that his premature end was due to colon cancer made us believe that the world made no sense. Not even this damn pandemic could help us understand what was going on.


The internet blew up with articles and pieces reminiscent of the actor. In many of them, he was described as a hero and a role model. This was understandable, taking into account that he’d taken on the responsibility of bringing the first African American superhero to have his own movie within the Marvel universe to the big screen.

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

However, investigating a little bit about Chadwick Boseman’s private life, we can see why those who knew more about his career and his decisions highlighted him as a truly amazing person.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Although the actor was very reserved (to the point that no one knew about his fight against cancer until we heard about his sad ending), some of the details of his life behind the scenes have started to come to light. One detail in particular doesn’t do justice as to why we agree with the nicknames “hero on and off the screen”.

Matt Sayles/AP

A couple of months before losing the fight against the disease, Chadwick had proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Simone Ledward. When he learned that his final diagnosis wasn’t a good one, he decided to take it a step further.


According to media outlets such as Insider, the actor married Taylor in secret. In addition to the powerful romantic gesture, this allowed his beloved wife to access the actor’s inheritance without problems. Bearing in mind that it’s very likely that this is what he would’ve wanted, we are glad that he thought of doing this.


Now we understand what the people of Marvel saw when they gave him the role. Chadwick had a nobility worthy of the King of Wakanda.