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mayo 6, 2022

Among other demands, Kaytlyn and Tyler made clear that “no plus ones are allowed, and we’re not giving out favors”. For them, weddings are for adults, so children aren’t welcome.

We know that getting married isn’t an easy decision, because in addition to choosing who you are going to spend the rest of your life with, it also involves the organization of the wedding, which many people find really stressful.

Finding a nice venue, hiring a caterer, hiring waiters, choosing the wedding dress, and making the guest list becomes a very complex task. If that doesn’t sound complicated enough for you, there are brides and grooms who go the extra mile in order to make everything “perfect”.

 This is how Kaytlyn Rosko, a 26-year-old bride, who has a clear idea of how she wants her wedding day to be with her fiancé, Tyler Wyatt, shared it. They both put together a demanding list of requirements that has alarmed those on social networks.

Instagram @wndr.wds

Beyond the flavor of the cake or the music they will play, this bride and groom set out to make a series of requirements that their guests must meet if they want to attend the wedding. 

Among those are: No plus ones, dress code rules, no children allowed, and to not ask to be the exception.

Instagram @wndr.wds

One of the most striking things on the list is that they themselves have three children. In this way, the bride and groom made it clear that their children will be the only children at the party.

Another of the points they explained in later videos was, for example, regarding chaperones. They will only allow someone to attend if they’re accompanied by someone who’s already been invited (parents, siblings and partners, etc.) to avoid people showing up with the typical friend who wants to go out that same day and that they barely know.

Instagram @wndr.wds

“I know how I want my wedding to be, and I know the way it’s organized is untraditional, but there are tons of brides out there who, like me, want it to be that way and aren’t sure it’s right to do it,” the young woman told the New York Post, “But you have to think one thing: I think that day should be your day.”

Today, Kaytlyn said that many brides have approached her for advice on how to set rules for their guests so that no one gets mad at them for doing it.