By Upsocl
abril 21, 2020

These two doctors from Wuhan were in such critical condition that the disease damaged their livers.

The global pandemic we’re facing will modify our lifestyles forever. Unfortunately, those who suffered from the disease will see their lives change in many ways, including now a change in appearance.

In mid-January in Wuhan City, two doctors became seriously ill. They fought hard and, fortunately, defeated the virus. To their surprise, when they woke up, they noticed that their skin tone had drastically changed, turning a dark color. The disease had attacked them in such a way that their livers had been compromised and they suffered from liver damage, as reported by the Daily Mail and Metro media.

Dr. Yi before the disease (Wuhan Central Hospital)

Dr. Yi spent 39 days connected to a life support machine. When he woke up, he couldn’t believe what he looked like.

Dr. Yi after the disease (Beijing TV Station)

They’re both 42 years old and got infected after working at the Wuhan Central Hospital.

After spending several months in the hospital and undergoing various treatments, the hormonal imbalances caused by liver damage ended up changing not only their lives, but their physical appearances, too.

Everyone was shocked since, considering that the pandemic is still a novelty, it’s scary to think that this could be a side effect of the virus. At the moment, these are the only cases that have presented this anomaly.

Dr. Hu before the disease (Pear Video)

Dr. Hu spent 99 days hospitalized under ECMO therapy. His current health condition is weak, but he’s recovering.

His appearance has changed radically.

Dr. Hu after the disease (Beijing TV Station)

The ECMO system (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a procedure used in emergency cases, which replaces, or assists, the functions of the heart and lungs, pumping oxygen to the blood, as reported by the Daily Mail

In addition to going through ECMO treatment, they received medications and other products to treat their liver damage, to which their change in appearance is attributed. They took this medicine during the early stages of the disease and one of its side effects is the darkening of skin color, as reported by Metro.

Chinese television released a full report on these unusual cases.

Both are recovering slowly in the intensive care unit but with good prognoses, continuing to fight and hoping to ultimately defeat COVID-19.

According to the treating physician, both Dr. Yi and Dr. Hu expect their skin tone to return to normal as soon as their livers begin to resume their functions and they start to transition out of their critical state.