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septiembre 29, 2020

Jill Wallace is the Mom of the moment. She was there for her son when he needed her the most. To celebrate they went out shopping and got haircuts.

Despite advances in sexual rights and the greater freedoms that exist nowadays for individuals to express their sexual identity, many people still face challenges when it comes to being accepted by those around them. Which is why family support is so essential.

For this reason, this mother has become a sensation in the United States due to her unwavering support for her son after he came out as transgender. Jill Wallace, who identifies herself as a “loving, supportive and Christian mother of the LGBTQ community,” was already an active supporter of the LGBTQ community and she is even more so now, after her son came out.

Jill Wallace

In a video published on her instagram page, Jill begins by speaking quite brusquely about how things ´happened in her house´ regarding her son’s coming-out. She said that they sat down together afterwards for a talk so that they could “fully understand exactly what was going to happen.”

However her serious tone changed quickly and she spoke sweetly about how, after talking with her child, they went shopping and got a haircut. She is fully behind her son and she confirmed that she would always love and support him because that’s a mother’s job.

Jill Wallace

Jill finished the video by saying “No matter who you are, if your kid comes out, you love them, it’s your job, you’re the parent”.

The video quickly garnered attention on social media thanks to the mother’s brave and supportive attitude. She does the best for her children and they show her the same love in return.

Jill Wallace
Jill Wallace

This video already has over 20,000 views and hundreds of people have commented, applauding Jill on being an exemplar mother.