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julio 15, 2021

Each Miyasaki Mango or “Eggs of the Sun” costs around $50, and they’ve already had a few stolen from them.

If you’ve tried mangoes, it’s likely that since your first taste, they’ve become one of your favorite fruits because of their incredible flavor. In Caribbean countries, this is often lost, but where they aren’t planted much, they can be sold for quite high prices. As if this weren’t enough, there are some types that qualify as “exotic”.

Such is the case with Miyazaki mangoes, also known as “Sun Eggs”, which were accidentally planted in Sankalp and Rani Parihar’s orchard.

Hindustan Times

These two farmers in India couldn’t believe that they had a tree that produced such an expensive product in their field, and the situation was getting out of hand. It turns out that each of this fruit costs about $50 each, but because there is so much demand and so little supply, it can cost a little more.

One man wanted to pay $283 for a single fruit. The problem is that if they’re stolen, since they cost so much, it means a significant profit loss.

It was then that the couple had to rely on nine security dogs and four guards to watch over the still-growing tree. They said that although many have offered them money for the fruits, they have no intention of selling them for now and hope to continue planting more of these plants in the future.

Hindustan Times

“A jeweler from Mumbai is ready to pay whatever price we quote. But I have clearly said that we will not sell it to anyone. We will use the fruits to grow more plants,” Rani Parihar told Hindustan Times.

They have planted around 150 trees, but so far only four have borne fruit. Of course, it’s a process, and they understand that, but they hope to have a good business in the future. All thanks to some plants they bought from a man who was traveling by train and told them to “take care of them as if they were our babies”.

That’s what they did, but as time went by, the trees didn’t bear fruit and they felt cheated. However, it wouldn’t be long before some of them started to bear fruit.

Hindustan Times

After doing some research on them, they realized that they were Miyazaki mangoes, which have a particular ruby colour. Their price is due to their low production. They are also high in antioxidants, beta-carotene, and folic acid, perfect for combating eyestrain.

Undoubtedly, this is a great gift from nature. We hope they take advantage of it and continue to grow many more.