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diciembre 18, 2020

The letters arrived at their house by mistake and they have no idea why. When they opened them they saw that they were from children asking for food and clothes, including diapers for their younger siblings. The couple decided to reply to the requests in the letters and now they have founded a non-profit organization.

Who doesn’t remember having written a letter to Santa Clause asking for presents and hoping for the whole of December that he wouldn’t forget to read it. That was the great magic of Christmas, waking up on Christmas morning and finding that tucked under the tree was the present that you’d been longing for. Well, for some kids Christmas was even more magical when they found out that their letters had not only been read but that their requests had been fulfilled.

Facebook Jim Glaub y Dylan Parker

Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker are a couple from New York who recently revealed a great secret. They were responsible for answering more than 2000 letters addressed to Santa Claus that had arrived at their house by mistake, according to BBC Radio 4. The most incredible thing is that they weren’t requests for toys, but rather for food and basic items.

The first couple letters arrived in 2010. When they moved to the apartment they were warned by the previous owner that occasionally a couple of letters arrived due to an error but they never imagined that so many would come.

Miracle on 22nd street

Shocked by the quantity, they decided to open one to see what the children were asking for. To the couple’s surprise the majority of the letters asked for food, coats, blankets and basic items, leaving the two New Yorkers stunned and wanting to do something.

They were so moved by the letters that they felt obligated to do something, they couldn’t stand back and allow those children to experience disappointment at Christmas, especially because the children weren’t asking for toys but rather for things they needed urgently to survive.

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Jim and Dylan contacted their friends on social media to raise funds and make sure the children received the things they needed as a present from Santa Claus. Today, what began as a seemingly one-time thing has become a yearly project, which they hope to grow to include United Kingdom, where the couple lived for two years.

In 2010 alone they answered 400 letters and the couple even say that they ended up arguing with the postman because they thought it had to be a joke; There were so many letters that they wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.

Miracle on 22nd street

The children asked for all kinds of things in the letters, from diapers for their younger siblings to a place to live in after having lost their mothers.

Alex Perz, Unsplash (referencial)

Today Jim and Dylan have moved out of the apartment but they have managed to get the new resident to support them in their mission to reply to the letters in the event that any arrive, something which still happens. Finally they decided to set up a non-profit organization called “Miracle on 22nd Street”, which is responsible for replying to the children in need who ask for help.