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noviembre 23, 2021

Jerry Ellenburg separated 20 years ago from the bride’s mother, Kelsey Griffith, so she had to grow up with her stepfather. However, the two had always had a very good relationship.

Weddings are usually one of the most special moments for couples who want to unite their lives forever. That’s why it’s very important that people from their close circle, such as their family and friends, are also present.

However, there are times when some discomfort can be generated for those whose parents have separated or who have certain conflicts in their families. These celebrations can also help smooth out those years of differences.

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Something similar happened at a wedding in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, United States, where the bride’s biological father made a gesture to include his adoptive father in the traditional walk down the aisle, according to News 24.

Jerry Ellenburg, 55, was walking arm in arm with his daughter Kelsey Griffith when, halfway down the aisle, he stopped and asked her stepfather, Andy Wallace, to walk down the aisle with them as well.

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Andy was surprised, as he thought Jerry was just going to shake his hand as a courtesy. However, the man grabbed his arm and invited him to stand on the other side of the bride so he could also be a part of this emotional moment in Kelsey’s life.

Jerry separated from Kelsey’s mother 20 years ago, and some time later, the woman married Andy, who from then on was involved in Kelsey’s upbringing.

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Most excitingly, Andy didn’t know he would be invited to walk down the aisle with his adopted daughter, but Kelsey and Jerry had planned it at the ceremony rehearsal. That’s why they asked Andy to join in in the middle of the walk.

The scene touched the dozen or so guests at the wedding. In fact, Kelsey’s groom couldn’t hold back his tears.

News 24

As the bride explained, her stepfather had married her mother when she was 13, “so I’ve grown up with my stepfather as well. I was lucky enough to have a great relationship with my dad and stepdad my whole life. They both get along very well (…) They play golf together and my dad has always been present at parties and birthdays.”

The moment was very special for her, but she was also “nervous and excited because I wanted to make sure everything went well (…) My stepfather was surprised and very grateful to my dad for including him”.