By Upsocl
junio 17, 2022

Maisie hasn’t given birth yet, but she already has a long list of requirements for anyone who wants to visit her after the birth.

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting moments a person can go through in their life. However, Maisie, a young girl, chose to create a list of 10 rules, so that the minute she gives birth, she won’t feel uncomfortable with the visitors she will receive and that her birth will be as perfect as possible.

TikTok: @maisie_crompton

Maisie Crompton is 20 years old and is currently expecting her first baby. Although the offspring still has some time left inside her womb, the girl decided to give details about the future birth and prepare how the first weeks of her daughter’s life will be.

However, Crompton’s plan not only involves preparing the cot, the baby’s clothes, and the diapers her baby will need as soon as she comes out of the womb, but also includes a list of rules that visitors will have to abide by if they want to meet her child.

Through a TikTok video, the 20-year-old decided to share the requirements she will demand from those close to her when they come to meet her baby.

TikTok: @maisie_crompton

The first one, which made sense to netizens, is to not kiss the baby. This is because newborns have no defenses and adults can transmit diseases to them. Maisie went on to ask that no visitors come to her home or the hospital unannounced as she wants to enjoy time alone with her baby and her partner.

The third rule applies to social media. The girl asked for visitors not to tell others about the baby’s birth until she herself or her boyfriend does so. She also forbade the posting of pictures of the child without her prior permission.

TikTok: @maisie_crompton

The young woman’s fifth request is to avoid visiting if ill, so as not to put the health of others at risk. Along that same line of thought, she also requested that future visitors wash their hands if they want to hold the newborn.

Maisie’s various requests were well received by most of her followers, who considered the rules to be very logical. However, some netizens called her “strict” and said that restrictions on visitors were out of place.

Still, the mother-to-be prefers to stick to the list she created and welcome visitors only on her terms.