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septiembre 25, 2020

Luciana is 32 years old and has 4 children. She wasn’t planning on getting pregnant again, but when she heard that her friends Victor and Ezio wanted to become parents, she decided to give them the best gift ever.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for homosexual couples to become parents. It’s a sad reality, especially considering the situation of many children who are hoping to be adopted, to feel happy and loved. For Victor and Ezio, a couple from Argentina, it’s also been a complicated journey, but now they’ve received a beautiful surprise.

It turns out that they’ll have their first baby thanks to the support and solidarity of a great friend. When she found out about their desire, she decided to lend her belly to make the couple’s dream come true.

Without a doubt, they’ll make a beautiful family!

Archivo personal Luciana Correa

Luciana is 32 years old and has been a mother 4 times before. She wasn’t planning on getting pregnant again, but considering her friends’ dream, she made the decision to give them the beautiful surprise.

She received the egg and sperm through donations and is now 34 weeks pregnant and about to give birth. In fact, by the time you’re reading this, the baby has probably already been born.

Archivo personal Luciana Correa

 Fortunately, in Argentina a system exists called “Solidarity Gestation”, which allows couples to register children born through assisted reproduction as their own, like in the case of Victor, Ezio and Luciana.

 This is how the 3 friends began the process of artificial insemination in the year 2019. The pandemic hasn’t made things easy, but their desire and love has proven to be stronger.

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They live in the extremes of Argentina, so to see each other they must travel long hours, ask for special permits and even take COVID-19 exams. One of those tests gave a “false positive” result, which stopped one of their last visits from happening.

Luciana decided to travel to Buenos Aires on her own and give her baby’s parents peace of mind.

“If the baby was born in my province, we’d have to go through a long legal process to contest the maternity, which could take up to two years and even involve DNA testing to prove paternity.”

-Luciana told local media.

Archivo personal Luciana Correa

This past weekend, Luciana and two of her children came to the Argentine capital for her final months of pregnancy.

They’ve decided to name her Pilar, taking Luciana as an aunt. She knows that, despite her pregnancy, the baby isn’t hers, but her friends’.

“I will always be there as her aunt. My friends asked me if I’d mind if they sent me pictures of the baby, but no, I’m very confident in my decision. My wish is for them to be happy and for her to lead a healthy and loving life.” 

-Luciana said to local media

Imagen referencial – Pixabay

Pilar will grow up knowing that she was the product of love, solidarity and kindness. She will have a beautiful family with exemplary parents and an aunt.

She will be immensely happy, there’s no doubt about it!