By Upsocl
septiembre 3, 2021

“You look like a man,” read some of the comments this girl receives on a daily basis. Even though she shaves and wears makeup to hide her facial hair, she says she is not ashamed of showing herself just the way she is.

Our insecurities accompany us every day because we know that there is always that something about our body that perhaps we don’t like that much. However, learning to free ourselves of those thoughts and embrace ourselves as we are is the right way to go. However, of course, if you add other people who highlight those “negative” aspects into the mix, this will probably be much more difficult.

This is how one woman has had to deal with social media for a long time. Due to her polycystic ovary condition, a hormonal condition that can cause male-like hair growth, she has suffered criticism from people who aren’t used to seeing “women with hair.”

TikTok @thatgirlsare

Thanks to a series of videos, the woman has explained on her TikTok account the condition that affects her as well as the reasons why her body generates more hair than other women. This situation has made her feel insecure, but she has no plans to hide it from everyone.

“I have polycystic ovary syndrome, so my body produces more male hormones, and that’s why I have excess body hair like facial hair,” Sare began by saying to curb the negative comments.

TikTok @thatgirlsare

She communicated to her over 7,000 followers that although she has tried laser hair removal since she was 18 years old, “it didn’t work“, and today, she must live with her hair, especially in the chin area.

“I have accepted myself, and I am happy. Shaving is part of my daily routine,” said Sare in response to people who have called her a “man” on several occasions. “Girls, you are so much more than your facial hair. Just because you have facial hair doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy or attractive.”

TikTok @thatgirlsare

 Her female followers, who may be going through the same thing, are more than grateful for her enthusiasm. “I love your confidence, girl!” one told her, while another added, “I find you absolutely amazing for embracing this.”

She taught a lesson in self-love, curbing those comments to those people who refuse to contribute.