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marzo 27, 2020

At just a few months of age, little Leonardo has beaten COVID-19. He’s become the pride of Corbetta (Italy), so much so that the city mayor himself posted the news.

The coronavirus has infected almost 500,000 people worldwide, with China, Italy, the United States and Spain being the most affected countries. At the moment, around 22,000 people have died and 120,000 have recovered. Now, a small star named Leo has been added to that list of survivors.

He spent 50 days in the hospital, infected with COVID-19, until he managed to beat it and end the battle. Today he smiles with joy, he’s happy because he can finally return home. He’s only a few months old and has become the pride of Corbetta (Italy), so much so that the news was confirmed by the mayor himself.

Facebook Marco Ballarini

Marco Ballarini is the mayor of Corbetta, who excitedly reported the encouraging news about Leo.

His post reached thousands of Italians and even people from other parts of the world, generating more than 2,000 interactions on the social platform, Facebook.


Today, we have one more reason to smile, to be happy, to feel even more united as a community. Today, we look at the wonderful face of hope, our hope. Corbetta, let’s welcome home little Leonardo, who was recently discharged from the hospital where he won the battle against the coronavirus! Thank you very much, Leo, and to your parents as well, who never gave up. You’ve brought warmth to the hearts of everyone in Corbetta.

Let’s not lose hope, Corbetta!

Wrote the mayor on his Facebook account.

Unfortunately, the situation in Italy is far from encouraging, with death rates surpassing those in China, where the virus originated. However, for its citizens, this kind of news delivers a message of unity.

As the highest authority in the city said, Leo represents the “wonderful face of hope.”

After a long battle against the virus, the baby will return home to his parents. He hasn’t had any major complications, so, for the moment, he doesn’t need further medical treatment, according to Milano Today. His parents were finally able to hug him again.

However, Leonardo isn’t the only baby to come out victorious against the coronavirus. A few weeks ago, a 17-day-old little boy did too.

With his tongue hanging out, laughing for having defeated the coronavirus, the little one will become a fighting flag for Italians, who will undoubtedly end up winning this fight.

Thank you for the happiness you’ve brought us, Leo!