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septiembre 9, 2020

Manuel Chimas didn’t let anything get in his way. Now after struggling tirelessly to achieve his dream, he thanked the builders he worked with for their support and motivation.

When you set yourself clear goals that you want to achieve, nothing can stand in your way. Some people simply won’t stop fighting until they have made their dreams a reality. This young man, who wanted to become a nurse, is one of those people.

Manuel Chimas didn’t have an easy path to becoming a licensed professional. He had to work as a builder to finance his studies, due to a lack of resources.

Manuel Chimas

This young man from Oxkutzcab, in Yucatán, México managed to graduate as a nurse from the Rodríguez Tamayo Education Center in Ticul after a lot of hard work. Now, after having passed every test that he took over 4 years, he is proud of his achievements.

August of this year was the moment that he had long been waiting for: he proudly received his degree certificate, which he celebrated in style. He posed for a photo with the team of builders he worked while completing his course. They motivated him not to abandon his dreams.

Manuel Chimas

“This assistant is now officially a qualified nurse. I’ll never forget where I came from and least of all, everyone who gave me good advice, I would like to thank my family and friends” commented Manuel in a Facebook post.

Being that it is such a moving story, it is unsurprising that Manuel´s post has gone viral on social media. The photo has more than 2,700 reactions and more than 150 comments. What’s more, it has been shared by some 2.300 people.

Manuel Chimas

Just like that, he sparked reactions from many people who lined up to congratulate him for his dedication and his clear goals.

Manuel is currently working as an independent nurse, offering his services to the community where he lives. Moreover, according to local media sources, he works at a health checkpoint in his neighborhood as well.

Manuel Chimas

For Manuel it’s important that his little brothers follow in his footsteps and also go on to study at university.