By Upsocl
mayo 29, 2020

Their leaves look like little cartoon hearts, from which yellow and pink flowers bloom in autumn and winter. The best part of all? They’re infinitely easy to take care of.

Lately, succulents have been a huge gardening and decorating trend. They’re very easy to take care of: they only need a couple of hours of light and a little water once a week, and that’s it.

There are many types of succulents. We’ve reviewed several of them, however, one that’s particularly striking is the heart-shaped succulent (Conophytum bilobum). It fares well in any garden, terrace or window frame.

As its name says, this beautiful succulent grows in bunches in the shape of a heart, which looks somewhat cartoonish. They’re very small in size and, with good care, can grow very strong. A few small yellow and orange flowers can even bloom during autumn and winter.

This species is native to South Africa and acquiring them is an important challenge: it’s considered a very rare plant that only grows in some areas in the wild. However, there are stores that sell them for you to grow in your own garden. For example, Plant Valley’s online store sells a 10-seed package for approximately $10.

This succulent is the perfect opportunity to cultivate your love for nature by starting at the root, literally. There’s nothing better than spending time gardening this quarantine and confinement!