By Upsocl
mayo 14, 2020

“It looks like a paradise. This man is a very beautiful person and is a great ecological artist. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s a Guinness record,” read the comments about his home on YouTube, which he calls La Casa de las Botellas (The House of Bottles in English).

Let’s imagine that the ecological apocalypse that we fear so much – and we believe to be nearing – has happened. It’s the end. Also imagine that humanity is being judged, in a cartoonish way, solely on the basis of its sins against the Earth before a God or a judge sitting up on a podium who carries a hammer of justice that will seal an unforgiving verdict. Well, if we ever face that, there’s someone who can breathe easy: God Child.

You’re reading that correctly. This man with a naked torso is called “God Child”. The reason? He was born on December 24. However, we’re here not because of his date of birth or his nickname. What matters to us is the miracle this Colombian has achieved with his hands.

Antonia Mardones

Using bottles, plastic, milk boxes, cans and bags, he’s created an extremely original home that is aligned with his environmental values. It – hold for applause – abounds with attractiveness, colors and elegance (in its own crazy esthetic).

From its entrance, you can tell that the «Dionysian» residence is unlike any other. We encounter one sign, then another, and, led by our charismatic guide, we go emerging ourselves into a new world via a tour of a house that has nothing to envy the traditional homes we normally see.

Antonia Mardones

Unlimited creativity is required to transform waste like God Child does. They place several soda cans in his path and he immediately sees an exotic sculpture. He comes across glass bottles or televisions that are no longer in use and he imagines a wonderful floor for his home.

Antonia Mardones

There’s a special attention to detail. There’s passion. This is what has led this man to receive so many well-deserved compliments and the reason that this video already exceeds one million views.

«The House of Bottles» shows that we can all contribute to caring for our ecosystems. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, what matters is that we try.

Antonia Mardones

Wherever you look, you can see God Child’s overflowing genius. Almost his entire piece of land is decorated with ecological waste and sculptures (there’s an Eiffel tower!). Even the foundations, walls, and ceilings are built from what has been thrown away.

After living there for 19 years, he’s acquired an immense affection for it, and boy, can you tell by the way he talks about each of its spaces: his garden, his bedroom, the terrace, the living room.

Antonia Mardones

Without a doubt, he’s a person of amazing value in the great country of Colombia. Those who have seen the video have made this clear with their comments:

«Brilliant!!! That man is amazing!! An artist!! He should exhibit his work and use it to promote tourism!!!!! Most importantly, he deserves an award!!!!! Please!!!! Thank you so much for helping the environment!!!!”.

Cori Delgado on YouTube

“It looks like a paradise. This man is a very beautiful person and is a great ecological artist. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s a Guinness record.”

Marisol Morales on YouTube

«God Child deserves a Nobel Prize for his House of Bottles… I loved the video … congratulations to the God Child.»

Jorge David Leyh on YouTube

The place is located in Capurganá, Colombia. «A remote, vehicle-free village on the Caribbean coast,» indicates Viajemos NG. Apparently, the area is a jungle filled with natural attractions, so if someone is encouraged to go visit it… Don’t forget to ask for «God Child”. He’ll receive anyone who’s interested in taking care of our planet.

Antonia Mardones

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