By Upsocl
agosto 19, 2021

Chef Rox Quintana, a member of the LGBT community and former participant of MasterChef México, was criticized on Twitter for her statements. Many defended her saying that “weddings are not for children”, but others questioned her for not thinking about parents who don’t have anyone to leave their offspring with.

We are in an age where, in a certain way, people seek conflicts with their peers through social media. Many of us would surely be better off in life if we didn’t have to experience that rage on Twitter or Facebook, where we give all kinds of opinions — often given without knowing anything — getting ourselves into trouble for no apparent reason.

That said, we invite you to learn about the case of Rox Quintana, a chef/influencer as well as a member of the LGBT community who was even on MasterChef México. She caused a great deal of controversy by announcing on her Twitter account that she doesn’t want children at her wedding party.

“You’re going to hate me, but I don’t want children at my wedding,” Quintana wrote on Twitter, and her publication quickly went viral. In four days, she accumulated over a thousand retweets and around 12,000 likes, in addition to having various responses of all kinds.

On the one hand, there are those who’ve defended her position and pointed out that weddings are not events for children, since they will be bored and fall asleep finding themselves in the middle of an adult environment. However, there are also those who felt like Rox’s words were an attack on childhood as well as a generalization about children’s “bad behavior” at weddings.

“Children frankly get in the way of the adults during the celebration. The bride and groom don’t celebrate with the children, they celebrate with the parents of those children,” commented one user, while another added to that by saying: “It’s your celebration, and you can invite whoever you want with your tickets and instructions.”

On the other side, the opinions were much more critical and pointed to moral condemnation. “That’s wrong. It’s simple: if you get married, it’s to become a legal family. If you discriminate against someone who has children, surprise: you’re discriminating against someone in the family,” pointed out a netizen. Another pushed this same point: “When you have your children and love them, you’ll understand why you’ll prefer not to go if they do not invite your children […].”

Rox was evidently overwhelmed with the kind of criticism she received, which questioned her entire morality over one simple sentence. For the same reason, she tweeted once more to clarify the matter and nip the controversy at its root with the greatest degree of irony.

“What I said: I don’t want children at MY wedding.

What the b**ches understood: I hate all children, and they should live in a cage and be mistreated.”

—Rox Quintana on Twitter

And of course, one could understand that there are some parents who don’t have the option of leaving their children with a babysitter to go to the party, but on the other hand, it’s important to understand that the choice isn’t yours but the bride’s in this case. For that same reason, one should know how to adapt to her stance. Rox’s position is also understandable since it will be an event that will take place late into the evening with alcohol and partying, and clearly children won’t be their parents’ priority in that context.

That said, there is absolutely nothing that guests with children can do about it, especially those who aren’t even invited to the event. Thus, all this controversy on Twitter is unnecessary and for nothing.

On the other hand, we sincerely hope that Rox and her bride’s wedding will be a moment they’ll remember forever!