By Upsocl
agosto 12, 2021

While waiting for a pizza inside a pizzeria, Florencia heard a comment from a lady accusing her of being “irresponsible” for carrying her dog in her arms inside a restaurant. “It’s not my fault that I treat my dog better than you treat your daughter,” she replied on social media.

Just like children, the owners of their dogs know what they are doing and, above all, when it’s clear that they really love them, they take care of them and refuse to ever leave them alone. However, there are people who question certain attitudes and spark anger in these owners.

That’s what happened to Florencia, a girl from Argentina who, as the owner of a puppy, decided to take it everywhere with her so as not to leave it alone at home. This decision annoyed a woman in a pizza place.


It turns out that “Flor” was going to play football, but first, she wanted to buy a pizza with her mother while holding her puppy, who was just a few months old, in her arms. Everything was going fine until someone walked by her, and she overheard an unfriendly comment about her.

“Well, what happened is that I was carrying my dog, and a lady passed by me with her daughter, but I heard her say ‘don’t think about touching the dog or turning around to see that girl. I mean, how could she even think of bringing a dog with her?’” said Flor about the uncomfortable moment.

While the main criticism wasn’t that she was in a pizzeria with her dog, but rather that she was carrying it in her arms, Flor needed to unload on her social networks and respond to that comment:

“And well, the truth is that I got really upset by the lady’s comment, but I didn’t say anything. It wouldn’t make any sense. I just thought to myself ‘whether or not I bring my dog in my arms is my problem. It’s not my fault that I treat my dog better than you treat your daughter, and that my dog is cleaner than you,’” she said bluntly.


Although the incident didn’t go past words, many people came forward to show their support and to say that “nobody should interfere in other people’s lives“. On the other hand, she shouldn’t be judged for just giving her pet love.

We’re sure many people have experienced this uncomfortable moment, too.