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septiembre 4, 2020

Nini Ragos from the Philippines was on his way to the market when he saw a little dog standing in a stream. He descended with difficulty, went into the water, got her out and was pulled up with a rope and a basket. The animal is now recovering because of his bravery.

A dog fell and was trapped in a stream in the Amparo Subdivision in Caloocan (Philippines). However, a young boy dared to go down and rescue her. According to the boy, named Nini Ragos, he came across the animal on his way to the supermarket with his mother. He saw the pet in the middle of the village stream. The animal was shaking, and she looked like she’d been down there for a long time.

The Philippine Star

Ragos asked for help but reached the conclusion that he’d have to do something himself. It was then that he decided to go down very carefully and try to get into the creek. He walked to where the little creature was and picked her up. According to The Philippine Star, the small dog is the mother of six puppies and has a problem in her hind leg, impeding her from moving.

The Philippine Star

The young man, after having the mother of six under his care, received help to lift her up in a basket by using some rope, completing the rescue. It’s known that the owner was absent for family reasons and that the little dog had been entrusted to a neighbor, who neglected her and lost her.

After the incident, the child took her to the veterinarian, who indicated that she should be kept under observation for at least three to four weeks.

“What we want to do now is help her because it looks like the mommy dog was hit in the hip and can’t walk. She drags both legs behind her. She looks injured and has many bruises. This could be from the fall.

explained Nini Ragos according to The Philippine Star

The Philippine Star

Since the pet was rescued, she has refused to eat. At least she’s being treated by professionals who will do everything possible to heal her while waiting for her owner to return, who remains away for family reasons. Nini, you are a hero.