By Upsocl
enero 11, 2022

Eunice Otieng was left alone with her 5-year-old little girl after her husband took off with another woman. She lost her home when she fell behind on her rent. All this motivated her to get ahead in life to be able to have a place for her and her daughter.

When someone least expects it, they experience twists and turns in their life that seem to be negative at first. There are many women in the world who face a harsh life in order to take care of their children and raise their families. Eunice Otieng is an example of this, a Kenyan mother who was betrayed by her husband after he left her for another woman.

The problem wasn’t so much that, but that he left her with unpaid loans that were intended for him. He didn’t appreciate her help and took off. Eunice had been left with her daughter without a house after the tenant took it away from her because she wasn’t up to date with the rent. 

The challenge facing them was enormous, but not impossible.

Eunice Otieng

Eunice works as a nurse, and even though her earnings aren’t that much, it helped her to take the initiative to keep going no matter what. “I almost ran mad with my small salary. I had no option but to think about how to start life from scratch. I had a motorcycle which I took and started a job at a transport service,” the mother told Tuko.

 During the day she carried passengers on her motorcycle, and in the evenings, she worked as a nurse. She had a plan in mind. Life isn’t so cruel after all, and there is always something for the right time. Eunice had bought a plot of land before she got married. It didn’t have a house on it, but she started to build one.

Eunice Otieng

 “I decided that I would work hard for my baby to get the best. I think I was working hard with a lot of anger to change my life. That’s why I was able to finish the house,” Eunice told Tuko.

Her effort allowed her to earn more money to get her home ready and also start a small business. Her biggest inspiration was her five-year-old daughter. “I gifted her the house to wipe the tears we cried when our landlord was locking our house. I vowed to make her a homeowner at this tender age,” the woman told Tuko.

Eunice Otieng

This very inspiring story teaches that you can start from nothing. The mother built a house after losing her own and being cheated on by her husband. She built it on her own.