By Upsocl
octubre 29, 2020

Natalie caused a storm on social media when she posted a message on Facebook asking for help to remove her stepson from a photo so that only her biological children would appear in it. She was labelled “heartless” and “cruel”.

A woman from Florida has been branded as “pathetic” and a “monster” after she asked for help removing her stepson from a family photo.

Natalie, her husband, her two biological sons and her husband’s son from a previous relationship recently posed for a set of professional family photos. However Natalie only wanted to appear with “her sons” and shared the pictures on Facebook group, offering 10 dollars to graphic designers if they could edit the boy out.

Twitter @WadeCrosss

The post quickly went viral after Twitter user  @WadeCrosss shared screenshots of Natalie’s request. The comments branded her “disgusting” and “heartless”.

The screenshots show that first Natalie sent a text message to the photographer, Dawn Marie, to ask her if she could retouch the photos on Photoshop

“This picture, is it okay if i post it in a photoshop group to see if my stepson can be removed? If not I completely understand. Ty! [sic]” she wrote, together with a snap of the family of five.

Twitter @WadeCrosss

“You want him removed! Did we take shots without him?” The photographer replied. Then she gave her the go-ahead: “Sure love you can do that I don’t mind!!” she wrote. “Yes lol I want one with just my boys. And no we didn’t took [sic] them with him. Okay thank you so much!” Natalie told Dawn.

Then Natalie went to a Photoshop facebook group and asked “ Hello! Can anyone remove the center kid? Willing to cashapp, venmo or zelle 10 dollars. Photographers permission [sic] is included.”

The members of the Facebook group didn’t seem to like the request; in fact, many of them reacted to it with sad and angry emojis.

Even so, Natalie seems to have got what she wanted, as her Facebook profile picture shows the image with just her biological sons. However once it was shared on Twitter, the post garnered even more negative attention.

Twitter @WadeCrosss

“Imagine having such a small heart. One can only hope that the beloved stepmother never makes her stepson feel as uncomfortable as these messages make it seem.” was one of the comments.