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agosto 31, 2020

He thought his job might be frowned upon and cause problems for his daughter. However, all work is respectable and worthy of admiration. 👏🏻

Every trade and job is just as respectable as the rest. It doesn’t matter if they require more preparation or pay a better salary, that doesn’t change the amount of respect it deserves. Many people are ashamed of what they do, especially when they have children with professions, as is the case in this story.

“My dad is a cleaner. He’s my biggest pride. I love you,” wrote the proud woman on social media. Her father had advised her not to say what he did for a living so as to avoid causing her problems. She did just the opposite, shouting it out to the world. 

Our parents are responsible for who we are today, they only deserve applause and gratitude. We leave you with this moving picture:

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The image has spread all over the Internet, circling the world and touching many people, who relate to their story.

Various media highlight that the woman dedicated beautiful words to her father, who’d advised her not to divulge his trade.

“Don’t tell anyone that your father is a janitor, they’ll laugh at you. My dad is a cleaner. He is my pride. I love you, Dad.”

The woman wrote on her social media.

Imagen referencial – Pixabay

Contrary to her dad’s recommendation, she shouted to the world how proud she was to have a father like him. She didn’t want to be made fun of, but that wasn’t a problem.

The publication reached over 90,000 interactions and users celebrated this proud daughter. One should never be ashamed of those who gave us life and taught us values.

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The person who humiliates another because of his work is one without principles and with a bad heart.

“Anyone who laughs at someone who works hard to earn an honest living is an idiot,” wrote one of the users who commented on the post.

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All workers deserve respect and dignity, even more so when it comes to our parents.

Humility and effort are sources of pride and unyielding values.