By Upsocl
junio 2, 2020

He installed a solar panel on the roof and a wind turbine under the hood. Not even the greatest engineers dared to do so much. 😱

Renewable energy and technology advance together in overwhelming strides. However, not only the great engineers of multinational factories have the talent and capacity to achieve progress. From Europe to Africa, many people have already gotten to work with these new sustainable routes and accomplished wonders.

This is the case of a young student, who thanks to his ingenuity has invented his own solar-wind vehicle. His name is Oyeyiola and he’s from Nigeria. He doesn’t wear a white coat or work at NASA. He’s a normal guy with great intelligence. He smiles, proud to present his invention to the world.


The Beetle is the German brand Volkswagen’s classic model. Already discontinued, in some countries it’s lucky to be considered scrap metal. This was what happened in Oyeyiola’s case, who searched everywhere and gathered piece by piece, retrieving parts and searching through waste.

With a few pesos, he bought what he needed and went to work. His friends and family donated some money to him, providing him with not only a financial boost, but also one of confidence and encouragement.


It took hard work, but it paid off. He installed a giant solar panel on the roof and a wind turbine under the hood. His work was impeccable and 100% sustainable. Not even the greatest engineers dared to do so much.

Thus, while the car moves, the turbine recharges and the sun provides the rest of its energy. According to local media, the battery takes about 4 to 5 hours to fully charge, somewhat reducing its use, but still rendering it useful.


Many told him that it was a waste of time, that he was delusional and a dreamer. They might have been right in some sense, but he followed his gut and it shows in his positive turnout.

He managed to create a unique piece with his own hands, without any specialized studies. It’s still a prototype undergoing testing that requires adjustments and improvements, however, if he was able to build it with so little, imagine him working in a large factory. This could be the Nigerian car of the future.