By Upsocl
enero 7, 2022

Kara Saba was traveling with her husband on her honeymoon when they encountered the peculiar little girl. Instead of getting upset, as others might have, she took it with humor and uploaded the scene to TikTok.

Travel and vacations are always synonymous with entertainment, relaxation, and pleasure. However, some people feel invaded when they find themselves on planes or buses with small children, sometimes losing their patience and getting bored when the flights are very long.

There are travelers who have no tolerance or much respect for those children, who try to have fun with whatever they have at hand in the middle of the trip, doing things like running through the aisles, screaming, or sometimes crying.

TikTok @kara.bouu

For parents, it’s usually not a very easy task either, as they too have to figure out how to keep their children calm so they don’t disturb any of the other passengers.

However, one woman recently became famous on TikTok for her willingness and warmth when dealing with an enthusiastic child in the middle of a journey, Mirror UK reported.

TikTok @kara.bouu

This is Kara Saba, who was traveling by plane from Detroit to Charleston with her husband to enjoy their honeymoon. In the middle of the trip, she noticed a little girl’s hand peeking out from the back seat.

That hand began to grab her left arm persistently and continuously, as if it were a toy. Anyone else might have been annoyed, as the little girl might have unknowingly interrupted a nap or a relaxing moment.

TikTok @kara.bouu

However, for Kara, it was a cute moment, taking it upon herself to record the situation with her phone and upload it to TikTok. In the video, she appears laughing with her husband and zooming in on the girl’s hand.

The young woman wrote in her social media: “Her name was Adeline and I hope her mom sees this”.

Almost immediately, the post went viral and received many comments congratulating the gesture she made toward the unknown girl. Most of the congratulations came from mothers, who thanked her for her patience and for not reprimanding her back.

Despite this, some people said that parents should be more aware of what their children are doing so as to not disturb other passengers.