By Upsocl
abril 23, 2020

According this image’s author, both animals had lost their partners and were consoling each other.

Animals feel and even think very much like humans. They’re capable of being just as excited as we are, if not more, as well as understanding and distinguishing the good from the bad.

In one of these instances of reflection, photographer Tobias Baumgaertner captured a pair of penguins looking into a horizon in Melbourne (Australia). According to the professional, both had lost their partners and were «reflecting», consoling each other and remembering what they once had.

The touching image is incredibly moving and consistent with Tobias Baumgaertner’s story, who posted the images on his Instagram account.

Tobias has specialized in capturing wildlife through impressive images. His portraits are capable of transmitting emotion.

On this occasion, he shared a photograph of this pair of widowed penguins. It was taken in 2019 but fits perfectly with the moment our society is going through today.

According to the artist, these cute friends took a break by appreciating the sky while the other penguins slept or ran around.

“Pain has brought them together. I guess sometimes you find love when you least expect it.”

Tobias hasn’t just stood out for his photos of penguins; he’s also been able to convey emotions through «simpler» birds.

Our planet is immensely wise, more than we think. Sometimes we ignore that other living beings can feel just as much, or more, than we can.