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julio 29, 2022

Nicholas, 25, had to be hospitalized after inhaling a large amount of smoke and suffering cuts to his arm when he jumped from a first floor with one of the children, but fortunately, he is now better and has been discharged.

Nicholas Bostic, a young pizza delivery boy, was driving at midnight when he saw a two-story house on fire. He didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately got out of his car: he feared that someone was trapped inside.

Due to the adrenaline of the moment, he went inside himself to see if he could help whoever was in the house, even though he didn’t have any fire protection equipment.

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Once inside, he started yelling for someone to hear him. At that point he didn’t know how critical the situation was, but there were five people in the house, four siblings aged 1, 6, 13 and 18, and another 13-year-old girl who had stayed over.

 Nicholas’ screams woke up the eldest, who immediately went to get her 1-year-old sister and managed to wake up the other teenagers as well, who were taken to safety thanks to Bostic. 

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“For a minute, I didn’t understand it, but my sister ran upstairs with the baby in her hands and yelling at us to get up because there’s a fire. I froze and laid there because I was confused. That’s when we came downstairs and Nick was downstairs helping us,” Shaylee Barrett, 13, told the Purdue Exponent.

However, the 6-year-old was still inside. Bostic immediately went inside to look for her in different rooms, under beds and even inside wardrobes, but the smoke was getting thicker and thicker, making the task difficult.

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“I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like I accepted that I was probably going to probably die, right there, that night. But it was a weird calm. You just got to work as fast as you can,” he mentioned to the Dave Bangert Substack.

By the time he managed to find her, there was no way down the stairs, so he jumped out of a second-floor window with the girl. When the young man fell to the ground, he asked for oxygen and asked if the baby was OK.

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Due to severe smoke inhalation and some cuts to his arm from jumping out of the window, Bostic was taken to hospital, but fortunately he’s since been released. The other children made it out without major injuries.

“I literally told him he’s now part of our family. Once we get settled someplace, we’re going to invite him and his girlfriend over for dinner,” said David Barrett, the boys’ father.

I was in the right place, at the right time. If (the) opportunity came back and I had to do it, I would. I was at the right place, the right time, and, I guess, I was the right person,” Bostic said.

“Nicholas Bostic’s heroic actions saved lives. His selflessness during this incident is inspiring and has impressed many with his courage, tenacity, and steadfast calmness in the face of such perilous danger,” Lafayette police said.