By Upsocl
enero 7, 2022

The little dog, just over two months old, even touched the police officers, who were performing a delicate operation, after she decided to lie down on the ground like her owner.

A dog’s love for their owners is directly related to the affection they receive, and while those people may be different in their interactions with humans, perhaps they show their pets a more sensitive side of themselves.

That is what stands out in an image that has circulated in social media. Despite her owner’s behavior, the dog remained faithful to him and “surrendered” to the police, who went to arrest him at his home.

According to information provided by the Brazilian media Campo Grande News, a police operation was following a serious case that had occurred in the center of Deodapolis, 252 km from Campo Grande.

However, while carrying out their task, the officers couldn’t remain indifferent to the cute and funny attitude of the puppy that lived in the house. When the puppy saw that her owner was on the floor, she decided to imitate him.

Campo Grande News

 Although it’s clear that it was just a game for this puppy, it seems that she really was faithful to him at all times. Even in the most complicated moments, she would accompany him wherever he went.

 “The photo was taken at the moment when she was lying down, on her back, calling her owner to play with her. She looked like she was really surrendering,” said the officer, according to the website.

Campo Grande News

Although no further details were provided about the case, in which a second man was also arrested at the scene, the clip has become famous just because of the innocent actions of the puppy toward her owner.

 Regarding the puppy, who was only two months old, no information was provided about her whereabouts.