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agosto 24, 2021

“When I become a successful writer, you’ll never see a penny from my money,” Tarantino vowed this to his mother at age 12 after she tried to force him to give up his passion. Today, four decades later, he still won’t hand over money to his 75-year-old progenitor.

Despite all the years that have gone by, film director and writer Quentin Tarantino made a promise to himself at the age of 12, and he doesn’t plan on breaking it, at least for now. His decision has sparked controversy, since he declared that he has never given money to his mother, despite his enormous fortune.

With a capital valued at $120 million, the man behind Pulp Fiction promised himself that he would not help his mother financially since she used to mock his ambitions to become a writer when he was a child.


He commented on this on The Moment podcast, hosted by Brian Koppelan. The director confessed his decision to not give any money to his mom Connie, who is now 75 years old. The reason was that she sided with his schoolteachers when they scolded him for writing screenplays during school hours.

“She said, ‘Oh, and by the way, this little ‘writing career,’ with the finger quotes and everything. This little ‘writing career’ that you’re doing? That s–t is over.” That’s what Tarantino’s mother said to him, marking a before and after.

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“When she said that to me in that sarcastic way, I said, ‘Okay, lady, when I become a successful writer, you’ll never see a penny from my success. There will be no house for you. There’s no vacation for you. No Elvis Cadillac for mommy. You get nothing because you said that.'”

Quentin Tarantino told The Moment—.

While Quentin clarified on the same podcast that, so far, he stands by his promise to not give her money, he has helped his mother on occasion: “Yes. I got her out of a jam with the IRS. But no house, no Cadillac, no nothing.”

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There are consequences for your words as you deal with your children. Remember: There are consequences for your sarcastic tone about what’s meaningful to them,” Tarantino concluded about his relationship with his mother.

 We know that Quentin Tarantino is one of the most acclaimed directors in the world, and history, taking his 10 films to the top of cult cinema. These films will accompany him for the rest of his career, as he plans to no longer continue writing or directing films.

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