By Upsocl
mayo 22, 2020

This guy’s girlfriend shared a video on social networks that has gone viral due to the unique way in which everyone in it snuggles up with each other.

All of us pet lovers have slept with them as if they were our children. They, of course, know how to make the most of this. They stretch out, they hug you and they even get into bed with you; I think it’s one of their favorite things to do.

The same thing happened to this woman in the United States, who after reviewing the security cameras of her home, came across the adorable scene of her fiancé and her three little pug dogs: they were all sleeping together and hugging each other.

YouTube That Pug Pablo & Co

These puppies took advantage that «mom» was away from home to take her spot in bed and practically claim possession of it. In the video sequences, you can see how the young man moves around all night to snuggle up with his relaxed canines.

On his YouTube channel, That Pug Pablo & Co, the video already has more than 100,000 views and hundreds of comments on social networks since, without a doubt, the different videos remind us that the love between humans and pets is undeniable.

YouTube That Pug Pablo & Co

When the woman was asked about the unique scene she came across, she said: “I’ve been away from my boyfriend’s house for quarantine and when I got back, I found this sweet scene that surprised me a lot. Our puppies aren’t in the habit of sleeping in bed, but when they do, they really know how to enjoy it.”

Like any video this cute, it’s already gone completely viral. Thousands of Facebook, YouTube and TikTok users have shared it. Many have acknowledged that they too have been involved in situations like this with their pets.

Loving animals isn’t hard to do. If you just give them love and food, they’ll always be there for you. However, they don’t hesitate to take advantage of every second they have with their owners and scenes like these show us their endless love.

Who else sleeps with their dogs? I do.