By Upsocl
enero 13, 2022

Loralie Henry, 9, has spent much of her life in foster care and has seen little of her birth mother. Yet, her teacher Zoe Henry decided to adopt her as soon as she saw her. They are now very happy living together.

Many people have become parents through adoption, a decision that has improved their lives and brightened the life of a child in need of love.

Loralie Henry, only nine years old, hasn’t spent as much time as she wanted with her birth mother. At the age of four, she spent part of her life in a foster home before returning to her mother. However, when she was six, she went back to the shelter in Los Angeles (USA).

 This is unfair for a little girl who just wants a family and to live peacefully, feeling safe and loved by those around her. “It was also really scary. I didn’t know what to expect in other homes or what they would feed me. I really didn’t know what to do,” Loralie told KABC.


The little girl didn’t know what would become of her life after so many changes and after facing so much uncertainty about her future, until her teacher Zoe Henry met her at school and knew she wanted her by her side. “She came into my classroom, and I just took one look at her: her little freckles, her little birthmark. I am going to adopt this little girl. She’s my daughter. The minute I set eyes on her,” Zoe told KABC.

Although Zoe was afraid that other people would adopt the child before her, due to her single status, but that wasn’t the case. She jumped at the chance to adopt her, working hard to convince social workers to let her do so, and they did. She became Loralie’s mom two days later.


I remember the moment we were sitting by the car, she’s like, ‘You’re going to come with me.’ I was so surprised and happy. It was like an early present,” Loralie told KABC.

To Zoe, her daughter is “brave and strong.” The two are very happy to have found each other because they are living a new stage together. Plus, Loralie has learned from the love she has received. “She wants to be a foster mom someday and adopt kids,” Zoe told KABC.


While the birth mother has the right to challenge the court ruling, she has not done so and has left her to be happy with the teacher. “I know she really wanted to be a better part of her life, but like I tell Loralie, her mom loved her so much that she would let her be adopted so that I can give her what she needed,” Zoe told KABC.