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enero 21, 2021

“Be careful with your socks, shampoo and toothbrush. He uses everything he finds,” said the list, among other things, written by his mother and sisters. The funny joke caused laughter, and this girl probably rethought her decision to move in with her boyfriend.

Of course, moving in with your partner is a difficult decision, a defining test. At this stage, even the best relationships can fail. Due to all this, many people are afraid to take this big leap. Taking that into consideration, the poor girl, who’s the protagonist of this story, got a gift from her mother-in-law which didn’t leave her very happy at all.

It turns out that she’d just moved in with her boyfriend and his mother wrote her a list of recommendations for living with her son. “No returns allowed,” she wrote. The ironic and funny list has gone viral on social media and caused lots of laughter.

Twitter Danny Espinel

The happy couple has gone viral on the social network, Twitter, after the young woman, called Sharon, posted the funny images of the list of recommendations. She received thousands and thousands of interactions, including retweets, comments and likes.

“Be careful with your socks, shampoo and toothbrush. He uses everything he finds. Tell him that the vaginal soap is for the genitals, because he also uses it for his head.”

the ironic list said

Twitter @shar_payevans

Anyone would’ve taken off running after the recommendations of this mother and sisters, but the young lady took it with a great sense of humor. Even though some users left mean comments, the couple knows it was just a simple joke from his mom.

The long list was full of absurd jokes and recommendations, for example, they told her to buy a bunch of Tupperware because the boy always forgot them in the car or didn’t wash them.

They also recommended that she force him to buy three complete changes of clothes in December to keep him from wearing the same clothes all year round.

They also wrote that he shouldn’t be allowed to watch horror movies because he gets scared easily.

To finish the list, they thanked and blessed them, and stressed that NO RETURNS ARE ALLOWED.