By Upsocl
abril 30, 2020

Thousands of Internet users reacted to this strange creature, speculating on its possible origin.

We’re probably used to constantly hearing about the appearance of new species in the animal kingdom. This is probably because we most likely have only discovered a small part of the thousands of existing animals. Would you believe me if I told you that between plants, microbes and animals, approximately 18,000 new species are discovered every year? This is the reality, but unfortunately within that same time frame, 20,000 disappear. What’s the reason behind this? Experts attribute this to one factor in particular: the human.

A few days ago, a Twitter user posted a photograph of a strange creature with wings that go from its neck to its tail and of a particular hairless skin. The netizen shared the image with a message saying, “I need to know what the hell is this!”


Thousands of Internet users reacted to this different creature, speculating on its possible origin and commenting on its peculiar appearance. However, most were wrong.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation, dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife of Sarawak, explained that it was a flying lemur, a species that is frequently seen in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

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The organization clarified that the photograph posted on social media was captured in 2017 in a forest in the Batu Kawa area.

“The source of the registry was located after intensive information gathering and research carried out with the assistance of other agencies. It was taken at a house in Sungai Moyan, Batu Kawa. According to a family member, the Kubung (as the flying lemur is known in the country) was found near his home. Later they released him in a nearby forest.”

– The organization explained.

They also emphasized that this animal, better known as a flying lemur, is currently protected by Wildlife Protection Ordinance. Its hunting and marketing are absolutely prohibited, resulting in a year in prison and fines starting from 200 dollars for those who violate said regulations.

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Organizations have provided details on this unusual animal, clarifying that it doesn’t fly like other insects or birds, since it uses its limbs to glide on the ground. It jumps from tree to tree, allowing it to travel long stretches in a single day.

“It’s arboreal (from the tree or related to it), it’s active at night and it feeds on the soft parts of plants, such as young leaves, buds, flowers and fruits.”

Hopefully these organizations can continue to preserve wildlife and to look after  those who have no voice to defend themselves against the constant predation of one of the world’s most devastating species, the human being.