By Upsocl
septiembre 14, 2020

Even though Megan’s eyebrows were proved to be natural, it seems unfair that the size of your eyebrows can limit your access to education.

In Liverpool a bewildered student was sent home 20 minutes after arriving at school because her tan and eyebrows looked fake. The 16 year old was shocked when her teachers told her that her appearance had breached their uniform policy.

She is a student at Lord Derby Academy, where it appears that rules are taken extremely seriously, to the point of denying a student her education because of what she looks like.

Liverpool Echo

Her mother was annoyed when she found out the reason why her daughter had been sent home and insisted that her thick, dark eyebrows, as well as her tan, are natural. She had been on holiday to Portugal so it’s natural that her skin had changed color and that she had a tan.

It seems that the school is quite fastidious about uniform, and appearance in general, as they also rejected the shoes Megan was wearing, despite the fact that they were completely black.

Liverpool Echo

Apparently the teachers at the school like to criticize Megan Davies, as her mother told the Liverpool Echo that Meghan always has to prove that her appearance is “natural”. Before she found it all laughable, but now that her daughter is being denied her education, it’s another story.

“I’m totally disgusted that my daughter was sent home from school, especially when she needs to catch up with her studies after being off for six months due to the pandemic.”

-Marie Davis

Vicky Gowan, the principal of Lord Derby Academy, has said that she is unable to comment on individual cases. She chose instead to talk about her school’s high standards and how proud she is of their traditional approach to all aspects of school life.

This gives us the idea that the school isn’t very accepting of new ideas, we hope that Megan can soon return to classes. Undoubtedly she needs to continue with her education after a long pause due to the pandemic.

Liverpool Echo

Education is not about what you look like, but rather equipping you with knowledge so that you can do something positive for society. We hope that the school can understand this and that everyone can move forward together.