By Upsocl
abril 16, 2020

This disease killed 65% of the 3,300 infected with it. Its eradication in that country is a milestone worthy of great joy.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, everything is joy and celebration. How could they not want to rejoice? They’ve just become heroes and survivors after the last patient admitted for Ebola was discharged. This disease had its second largest outbreak in history in August 2018 in the northwest area of that country.


If you visit the videos being posted right now, you’ll see the doctors, nurses, workers and volunteers singing and dancing, celebrating that that deadly disease is no longer a threat to that country. We’re not just talking about any danger to the people of that nation, but a pathology that killed 65% of the 3,300 people who were infected, according to ABC News.


Figures show how harmful and dramatic the disease was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, the vaccines and experimental treatments approved for use by the national government turned out to be promising and useful in preventing the spread of this epidemic as well as at simultaneously saving lives.

The last Ebola patient to be cured was Masiko, a middle-aged woman seen in WHO videos in Africa leaving the treatment center in the city of Beni. She was accompanied by a euphoric and joyous crowd, who celebrated with dances and songs for having left this fearsome epidemic behind.

Of course, the very WHO called for caution since the 46 people who had contact with Masiko prior to her full recovery are being monitored because the end of the outbreak can only be declared when infections don’t appear 42 days after the discharge of the last reported case.