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octubre 5, 2020

With the help of their loved ones, Dóris Días and Robson Lopes collected the bottles that they used to build their home. It was a cheap and sustainable option.

Dóris Días and Robson Lopes needed a home of their own to live in but they had to think outside of the box to make this dream a reality, as both of them had lost their jobs. In just 5 months they recycled more than 10 thousand glass bottles and used them to build the walls of their home, on a plot of land in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

The unusual building process began in April of this year, after the couple had been married for just six months. Robson lost his job at a supermarket and Dóris had to leave her job as a social educator due to health problems.

Unable to pay rent, they moved in with Dóris’s parents with the aim of building their own house on the same plot of land. According to Dóris, the idea came about because they couldn’t see any other way of being able to build their own house. All of the other options were out of the couple’s budget.

After researching sustainable living options online, they came across buildings made out of bottles.

Dóris Dias

“It’s really expensive to buy building materials like wood and stone. I first looked at the possibility of finding a bus to live in but it didn’t work out. I also researched shipping containers but they were also beyond our budget. I got angry and I began looking at the bottles and they looked back at me. I researched a little more and came across some houses built with glass bottles, which once they’re completed you can’t even tell were built that way. I thought why not” Dóris told Portal UOL

Doris and Robson began to collect bottles from the streets and shared their initiative on social media, where it garnered support from their friends and family. They managed to collect more than 10,000 bottles with their help.

Dóris Dias

The couple built the structure alone. After laying the foundations they placed bottles one on top of the other, using sand and cement and used wooden supports to create the openings for doors and windows. The property is 70 mand has a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.

This isn’t the first time the couple have opted for sustainable options, they also looked for an environmentally-friendly way to hold their wedding. “All of my wedding decorations were made out of recycled materials. It was beautiful. We collected bottles from the street and then we asked our friends to bring them home, we ran campaigns on social media and now our house is the same too.” Dóris told the Brazilian site.

Dóris Dias
Dóris Dias

There are still some things that need to be completed before the house is finished, such as concrete columns to support the walls. Moreover, the property is still without a roof or any interior finishings. Due to a lack of resources, the couple depended on the help of friends to raise the money needed to make their dream a reality.

Dóris Dias

The money will also help Dóris and Lopes purchase furniture for their house as what they have is very dilapidated.